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Stress Detecting Program developed by TMU Researchers

TMU researchers managed to develop a software program which can control stress and awareness level by measuring brain signals. Referring to the new program, Mrs. Fazaneh Yusefipour, CEO of a knowledge-based company said: “it is a brain signal detecting device which measures brain signals by its electrodes and then relays the data to its main program via Bluetooth. Dr. Bayramzadeh, the internal manager of the company pointed to the relative advantages of this method and added: “our newly-developed software program functions with single channel headsets which makes it user-friendly. For instance athletes can register their own brain signals at gym or even at home and observe the analysis in the program, but for the same service, they used to go to a clinic. According to the CEO of the company, this software is an android-based program and early negotiations have been conducted for its application in Iran National Railway to control the consciousness of train pilots. A specialized sports clinic which works on the promotion of brain performance of professional athletes also wishes to implement this program in shooting and other physically non-demanding sports. It has to be noted here that this software has been developed by knowledge-based company of Chaleshgaran-e Edrake Nab, a company affiliated to IT Research Center of TMU. This Research Center is currently working on psychological disorders including stress.

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