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TMU holds the first Symposium of Social Science Students Works

The main issues covered in the symposium included: "University and market logic, privatization of universities, students lived experiences, students' experiences at state and non-state universities, curriculum, labor market and job creation, globalization and university, black market of thesis and paper sale, financially broke students and academic life, faculty members' job  insecurity, students' lived experience of internship, students' part time work experiences, the policy of "an entrepreneur university" its requirements and consequences, society and university, students' night life, social trust for students, students' religious beliefs, relationship between peripheral, centralized and disadvantaged communities, students' life experiences at dormitories, modernization of universities in Iran, the position of university in Iran's social system, students and social networks, social mission of universities, degree orientation and social status, university and regeneration of social inequality, students and their demands, university and minorities (ethnic, religious), university and politics, phenomenology of students' interactions, academic citizenship and students' rights, university and government, decision-making processes and academic autonomy, consequences of localization policy, power structure in academic life, classroom and academic environment, conflict of fancies and realities, indiscrimination, inequality and class arrangement, academic cheating and deception, university and emotional experiences, mechanisms for the recruitment of faculty members,  space-time at university, values in official and unofficial environment, university and the issue of elites, de-constitution and declination of collective activities and deactivation in classrooms, dormitories, monitoring and controlling policies, the outsourcing welfare services and students' experiences, gap between public and private life, consequences of distant dormitories, the waste of free-time.

Dr. Asef Bayat, a well-known figure in humanities attended this ceremony.


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